Class of 2018 Spokesmodel

FYI Senior Spokesmodels are a team of high school seniors that represent the face of Forever Young Images for the duration of their senior year. They receive countless perks, free participation in photoshoots, free high-resolution digital images to share on social media, modeling experience, complimentary professional hair and makeup, group activities and events, cash bonuses, gifts, styled shoots, and more! You will also be featured on my website and social media platforms. This team is very special to me. I want to become good friends with all of my spokesmodels, go on fun outings with them, and spoil them!

I am looking for outgoing high school seniors that are energetic and love my photography style to represent Forever Young Images! Representatives will also be chosen based off of their involvement in their community, dedication to the Forever Young brand, and excitement about their senior year.

Are there any hidden fees associated with being a spokesmodel?

There are no hidden fees or events that require payment when you are part of the spokesmodel program. The only payment I require is for you to book your senior session with me! 


What are my responsibilites as a spokesmodel?

Your number one responsibility as a spokesmodel is to refer friends and family to Forever Young Images for their senior portraits. This includes frequently sharing on social media and excitedly participating in all spokesmodel-related events.


WHAT's in it for me?

All Forever Young Images receive a 1 hour model photo session. The photos from this session are for Forever Young Images's use for advertisement and promotion only. You will receive these images as well but only for social media purposes. However, if you receive at least one paid referral, the model session images will be included in your senior portrait selection and you will be able to purchase them as well.

Spokesmodels will also be featured on social media and the Forever Young Images website with an interview and photos from their model session.

Spokesmodels will receive their own marking kit to help them earn referrals. It will include a Forever Young Images 2018 spokesmodel t-shirt, a proof portfolio with images from their model session, 25 personalized referral cards, and a digital referral card.

Spokesmodel must respect my copyright. Any misuse of my copyrighted images such as scanning, printing, editing, removing of my logo, or cropping out of my name from the images will result in an IMMEDIATE termination of spokesmodel status and forfeiture of all credits, incentives, and deposits.


do my parents need to be involved?

Yes! I ask that you please make your parents aware that you are applying to the spokesmodel program! I will reach out to your parents before reaching out to you if you are chosen to make sure that they are on board and aware of your responsibilities as being a member of the team. Let them know about the application and about these FAQ's so that they aren't surprised by my email.



Spokesmodels qualify for the following rewards with each paid referral..

1 Referral: Professional hair for senior session

2 Referrals: A untimed senior session

3 Referrals: Extra Print Credit

4 Referrals and up: $25 cash per paid referral

Referrals are associated to each spokesmodel by the use of their own custom coupon (referral card). Referrals must show their coupon to receive the credit at the time of booking and/or purchase. Referrals must be Class of 2018 seniors and do not count as a referral until they have booked and paid their session deposit for their session with Forever Young Images. Bonuses/prizes continue until the spokesmodel's graduation date.



If you are graduating in 2018 and loves being social, you qualify! Just fill out the application from below! Once all the applications are in, they will be thoroughly reviewed, interviews will be conducted, and a select few will be chosen to represent Forever Young Images. I only accept 2 or 3 spokesmodels from each school so get your application in ASAP!

What's your name?
What's your name?
Phone Number?
Phone Number?
Can you receive texts?
What year are you graduating?
Please put Facebook profile, Instagram handle, and Snapchat username.
How'd you hear about the program?
What is your current interest level?
T-shirt size?