what should i/we wear?

Simple, plain-colored clothes tend to work best, as well as clothes with subtle patterns. Try your best to avoid bold stripes, loud patterns, and big logos/writing as these don't work well in pictures. Also try not to have the family all dressed exactly the same, color coordinate instead. Men look more masculine in form fitting pants and close-toed shoes and women look more feminine in dressed and heels.

If it is wet or dewy, please avoid dressing toddlers and children in white pants or tights as the chances of falling over is high.

If you would like to have a selection of clothes for you and your family laid out, I would be happy to help when I arrive. Should anyone be wearing something that I think won't work well, I'll mention it to you before we start so there is an opportunity for a quick change. So always try and bring more that 1 outfit.

do you travel?

Yes, of course! I photograph in the Grand Traverse Area and in the little towns of Mio and Fairview but if you live somewhere else in Northern Michigan, I'm willing to travel to you for a travel cost {which depends on miles and gas prices}.

What if the weather doesn't cooperate?

do you keep the images after the session?

If we plan for a day and the weather doesn't look like it's going to hold up, I am happy to work with you to find a new day to reschedule too. Or if it is only going to rain around the time of the shoot, we can either shoot before or after you time.

I archive your images for one {1} year on my website, with the first six {6} months as the purchasing period. After that year, I will have them removed from the website and stored on a hard drive.